Playing with 3-1/2″ Floppy Disks #5

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Ever wonder about what to do with all those 3-1/2″ floppy disks that you have taking up space in your office, closet, house?  Well here’s yet another idea…and I might say my wildest one yet.

Paint the disk black

Paint the disk black

In this first photo, I combined a couple of steps.

  1. Find a black floppy disk
  2. Paint the whole front face with black acrylic paint (I put on 3 coats)
  3. Find something wacky to put in the disk.  In this case I had these white coils that were excess from the coils I use to bind my Mandala Coloring Books
  4. Start gluing the pieces onto the disk
Add the coils

Add the coils

I used duco cement to glue the coils onto the disk; it’s strong and dries clear.  I also pulled out some plastic mardi gras beads.  I cut individual white beads and put some inside the coils, which are little difficult to see in this photo.  In the one, you’ll see them better.

I also cut individual pieces of the purple beads, which are actually little dice…if you look closely you’ll see the ‘5’ side of the second purple bead.

Finished Disk

Finished Disk

Here’s the finished piece – view #1

Finished Disk - Different View

Finished Disk - Different View

Finished Disk - side view

Finished Disk - side view

Here’s a side view that more clearly shows the white beads and purple die.

How wacky can you make your Da Ta art?

Have fun!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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