“Da Ta” Mosaic Art: 6/14/2009

Community Art Projects, DaTa Mosaic Mural

Today I created the set up for the “Da Ta” Mosaic Art for the Book Bin Window (Corvallis Store).  A fellow artist had suggested going to Habitat for Humanity and buying a screen door to use as the background for the disks.  “You need something that’s light to carry and carry out.”  Great idea!  I found a 44″ x 60″ window screen, in excellent condition.  It can hold 12 disks across and about 14 down (for a total of 160 disks).

Here’s the screen in the window before disks are attached.

Screen in Display Window

Screen in Display Window

So far I have 9 disks.  Rather than put them all together, I decided to spread them out.  As more disks arrive, I’ll fill in the screen.

"Da Ta" Mosaic Art as of 6/14/09

"Da Ta" Mosaic Art as of 6/14/09

I only need 151 more disks.   Wanna play?

For more info about this project go to “Da Ta” Mosaic Community Art Project, which also provides links on how 5 of the disks were created.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady